PUR binding is the most durable form of perfect binding. Perfect binding is where the text pages are bound together with an adhesive glue that is applied down the spine, which then has the cover drawn onto it.

The difference between perfect binding and PUR binding is in the glue. PUR stands for Polyurethene Reactive material. It is a glue that is not affected by temperature and is 2.5 times stronger than the EVA glue used in perfect binding. Due to the chemical reaction that occurs during the binding process it is almost impossible to pull a page from the bound book! PUR bound books can also be laid flat when opened.

We highly recommend PUR binding for our yearbooks, so to ensure that your pages don’t fall out!

After all your memories and keepsakes should stay on every page, not just some of them.


  • Stongest Glue Binding available
  • Durable Glue
  • For Soft and Hard Cover books
  • Pages won’t fall out


  • Cost Effective
  • Suitable for infrequent use
  • Only suitable for unCoated Stocks when digitally printed
  • Satisfactory for larger quantities
    (< 128 pages – offset jobs)
Student Yearbooks PUR Binding