About the Product

What is the Minimum Quantity?

Our minimum is 10 yearbooks.

How long do the Yearbooks take to make?

From the time we receive your completed artwork and assuming there are no changes we aim to have your yearbooks dispatched within 5 working days. In our peak period, being the last couple of weeks in Term 4 we suggest allowing 10 working days for printing to be safe. Yearbooks are sent with a range of couriers and most deliveries to metro locations are overnight whilst regional areas will take a bit longer. We can provide production and delivery schedules when needed.

Where are the yearbooks printed?

Our yearbooks are printed right here in Australia.

Is Perfect Binding ok for yearbooks?

Short answer: Maybe, but . . . .

Long Answer: Explained by bullet points:

  • Perfect Binding IS NOT as strong as PUR Binding.
  • Perfect binding IS NOT suitable for coated stocks that are digitally printed. Digital is for quantities less than < 1,000. Coated stocks printed digitally should be PUR bound to ensure the pages do not fall out.
  • Perfect Binding IS suitable for uncoated stocks that are digitally printed.
  • Perfect binding IS suitable for yearbooks that are printed offset. Offset printing is for quantities less than < 1,000. Usually perfect bound, offset jobs are burst bound or notch bound.
  • Perfect bound books CAN be torn apart.
  • PUR bound books CANNOT be torn apart.

We will NOT Perfect Bind Coated Stocks that are digitally printed!

Doing so will result in the pages more than likely falling out and accordingly we are not prepared to produce an inferior product.

What if I want a different size?

For maximum cost efficiency our yearbook range is available as an A4 sized product, but we can do other printing for you in just about any size at all. Chat with us online or contact us to discuss you alternate printing needs.

Can I get a reprint?

We can reprint yearbooks, however there is a minimum order quantity and the price will be calculated on the reprint quantity and not what was previously charged. Reprints are regarded as a new job unfortunately.

About the Artwork

Can I send you print ready Artwork?

Yes you can. If you have the skills and software to create your own print ready PDF we are more than happy to print that for you.

Can my students do the Artwork and design?

Yes of course. Your students can do the complete design and provide a Print Ready PDF, or if you don’t have access to suitable software our online Software option is simple and easy to use allowing your students to create their yearbooks just the way they want them.

Can you help with our Design?

Yes we can. Our team is happy to provide cost effective design assistance to help you finalise your design.

Do we proof read your artwork?

Sorry, but no. Proofing is your responsibility.

Do you supply a hard copy proof?

As a general rule no, but we do send electronic proofs. If you require a physical proof, we can produce you one for a fee.

Can you do the Artwork for me?

Yes. Our Design team is able to take the images and copy you supply and create your very own yearbook for you.

If you have us do the artwork, are there any terms and conditions or extra charges?

To be honest NO!

At the end of the day we like to work in good faith and pride ourselves on having no hidden fees or charges. We trust that our customers understand that we quote the yearbook design on a fixed price rate and accordingly, they will provide information that is complete, fully proofed and organised before we start. This not only speeds up the process but means you the client gets a much better 1st draft on which to mark up your feedback and changes.

If you have us do the artwork, how many proofs do you get?

We aim to limit the number of proofs to two. One first draft then another after one round of changes. It is human nature to make mistakes, but we hope these are kept to a minimum.

If you have us do the artwork, how many changes can you make?

We have no limit on the number of changes, but do request these to be submitted in one go. Having multiple sets of changes not only becomes time consuming, but it can lead to more errors. We are flexible, friendly and more than happy to help out, but we can’t stress enough that ensuring your artwork is proof read and free from errors at the beginning is the best way to have a happy harmonious yearbook experience 😉

About the Price

How much does it Cost my School?

Nothing, That’s right, Our yearbooks can be pre-sold to your students so that the actual cost to your school is zero.

When do we pay?

We honor our prices so you can use our Calculator to work out the cost for your Yearbook, collect the funds from your students and then you don’t pay anything until you order. We do require full payment prior to dispatch.

What’s in it for my School?

Yearbooks are a great way to fundraise for your school. Simply enter the fundraising amount you want to raise per book and it is included in your price estimate for you. The total ‘fundraising’ amount raised is simply not included on your invoice.

Are there any Hidden charges?

No. The online price you received is the total amount your school will be charged, including delivery.