Having us produce your artwork is usually the easiest option, however it is one that should follow a process to ensure minimal errors and accordingly minimal changes.

We prepare artwork on a fixed price basis.

The price quoted for us to prepare your artwork is based on our aim for a single round of adjustments, which is one complete set of changes submitted in a singular point in time. You can have as many changes as you like within that submission. With that said, we don’t want to limit your ability to change your mind, it is human nature to make mistakes and we’re happy to be flexible. If you want to change your mind, find something else that needs adjustment or want to add anything new, that won’t be a problem and we can advise you an estimate for those additional tweaks and adjustments.

With the above said, below is a step by step guide to our design process:

  • Customers supply all the text and images in one go via CD, thumb drive or Drop Box. Naming of images is key and it is expected that all the text has been pre-formatted (eg bold and underlined etc) and that it has been proofread.
  • We get direction from the customer about the ‘style’ eg colours and theme you are after.
  • We produce a set of ‘templates’ in accordance with the style the customer is after for you to approve. Expectation is 1 set of tweaks with this.
  • We confirm intended page layouts with the customer, ie what goes where etc.
  • We then put the artwork together into the approved templates. We aim to get the artwork done within 2 weeks. Time frames can be dependent on our work loads but the customer will be kept updated.
  • We can design covers, but normally these are provided to us based on student artwork. We do request direction if we are to create them.
  • We send the customer a PDF proof of the completed book and cover to check.
  • We ask for all changes to be submitted in one go. Ideally a marked up PDF is to be provided by the customer. It is intended that there is only one round of changes (unless we’ve made any mistakes or omissions of course).
  • Changes are then implemented and a revised proof is sent back for final approval.

Are there any Terms and conditions or Extra Charges?

To be honest NO!

At the end of the day we like to work in good faith and pride ourselves on having no hidden fees or charges. We trust that our customers understand that we quote the yearbook design on a fixed price rate and accordingly, they will provide information that is complete, fully proofed and organised before we start. This not only speeds up the process but means you the client gets a much better 1st draft on which to mark up your feedback and changes.

Also how many proofs are there before the final sign off to print? And are the restrictions on changes when it gets to proof stage?

We aim to limit the number of proofs to two. One first draft then another after one round of changes. It is human nature to make mistakes, but we hope these are kept to a minimum. We have no limit on the number of changes, but do request these to be submitted in one go. Having multiple sets of changes not only becomes time consuming, but it can lead to more errors. We are flexible, friendly and more than happy to help out, but we can’t stress enough that ensuring your artwork is proof read and free from errors at the beginning is the best way to have a happy harmonious yearbook experience 😉

Why not call our Designer?

If you want to discuss how we work and what we need from you to design your next yearbook simple schedule a time with us by clicking the link below.