We have 3 different quality options when it comes to printing your yearbook:

  • Good – Inkjet
  • Better – Toner
  • Best – ElectroInk

The quality option you choose is entirely up to you and your budget. In most cases, understanding your yearbook is something you’d keep for many years, we naturally recommend the Best quality, however as the saying goes, why choose Best, when Good or Better will do?

As a guide, the page cost for Better quality is 25% more than Good and Best is 50% more than Good.


For a yearbook with 80 pages in comparison to Good quality print (Inkjet):

 – Better (Toner) adds $2 per yearbook

 – Best (ElectroInk) adds $4 per yearbook



If you want to see the physical differences between the 3 print qualities and paper stocks, why not request a stock kit?

Request a Yearbook Stock Kit

Quality Image