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1 Pages and Printing

We offer 3 levels of print quality to appeal to all budgets:
  • Good (Inkjet);
  • Better (Toner) +25% and
  • Best (ElectroInk) +50%

2 Cover Type

3 Cover & Binding Options (Soft Cover)


A cost effective binding solution for page counts of 64 pages or less where the book is stapled through the foldline.
Is a form of perfect binding where a durable, reactive glue is used to bind the pages and cover together at the spine .
5 times the cost of Saddle Stitch.
A form of bookbinding in which the pages are bound by glue.
3 times the cost of Saddle Stitch.

3 Cover & Binding Options (Hard Cover)

4Artwork & Fundraising

You may elect to create your own artwork using your own software and supply us with a print ready PDF, or utilise our online software. Alternatively we can offer a full design service and prepare all the artwork for you.
Why not round up the yearbook cost and raise some money at the same time? Eg If the cost is $17.90, add $2.10 and if you order 100 yearbooks you will raise $210!

5Fancy Options

Fancy options such as Embossing, Printed End Papers, Clear Spot Gloss lamination, Ribbons, extra Stampings and more are all available, but prices are dependent on artwork.

6Your Details

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